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The Hammer of Thor. The impact of the 1st World War (1914-1918) on the people of the Isle of Man.

Patricia Skillicorn’s latest book tells the story of ‘those left behind’ when their men folk marched off to war.

The Hammer of ThorIn an interview, Patricia said, ‘Some years ago I was looking through the Museum’s newspaper files when I came across this headline in the Isle of Man Times - “A Soviet has ruled in Douglas.” It seemed such an improbable event to take place in Douglas that I felt compelled to find out what had happened in the previous four years to cause such a headline. After all, in 1914, thousands of people lined the island’s streets to cheer their menfolk marching off to war yet in July 1918, they were out on the streets again but this time in an explosion of anger against their own elected Legislature.’

The intransigent Lord Raglan, members of the House of Keys, Samuel Norris and his fiery band of women supporters, conscientious objectors, schoolgirl Lou from Glen May, Dora who worked in a wartime factory, labour radicals Christopher Shimmin and William Clucas, the formidable Alfred J Teare and the intrepid men and women of the Workers’ Union, all had their part to play in the dramatic events of July 1918 which helped to propel the Isle of Man into a modernised twentieth-century world.
'Outstanding ... The account of the 'Bread strike' of July 1918 is gripping, with Douglas under the control of what a local newspaper called a Soviet ... The Hammer of Thor is one of the most lucidly written history books  this reviewer has read, and it will be accessible to the general reader as well as the academic historian.'  Jonathan Kewley, Isle of Man Studies. Proceedings of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society, XV, 2017.

The book, price £15.00, is available at the Manx National Heritage bookshop and the Lexicon in Douglas, the Bridge Bookshop in Port Erin and in their new bookshop in Parliament Street, Ramsey.

Or buy the book online.
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