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Reviews of Wave to Your Daddy
"A fine Manx autobiography … Pat Skillicorn’s work explores and evokes village and family life with unsentimental clarity."
"Childhood play with friends in fields and farms, outings and picnics, teas and concerts associated with church and school are one side of the picture. But the grim description of Pat’s parents crawling across a turnip field on their hands and knees, swathed in sacking, is like a scene from Thomas Hardy and a corrective to any easy nostalgia. On one level, as Pat’s own story, this is a narrative of widening horizons and a testimony to the emancipating power of education. But this is more than a tale of individual social ascent.
The book constantly juxtaposes the author’s own experience with the lives of her parents and ancestors, all the way back to John Barron of Andreas, born in 1811.
Near the end of the books, secrets are revealed with add a tragic dimension to the family’s history. Pat has written a book of great candour and poignancy which deserves a wide readership. It should certainly be read by all those who are interested in Manx literature and Manx social history. I would venture to suggest that it will become a classic amongst Manx autobiographies."
Robert Fyson
Proceedings IOM Natural History and Antiquarian Society
"Due to the author’s eloquent and heartfelt prose, the reader is able to share in the experiences she describes, whether uplifting, disappointing or truly painful … the book has all the ingredients to hold the reader’s interest, including the creation of a nagging doubt that builds up at the back of the mind. Something is clearly not as it should be. The mystery unravels gradually throughout the tale, which is told thoughtfully, succinctly and with great honesty."
Peel City Guardian
"Pat Skillicorn’s evocative account of her Manx childhood begins with her seeing her father for the first time – as he waved to his little girl on the Douglas quayside from the deck of a ship bringing the troops home from war …"
Manx Independent
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Wave to Your Daddy