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Pat SkillicornPatricia Skillicorn was born and educated on the Isle of Man.

She takes her inspiration from family stories, Manx culture and from the island itself.

Pat was brought up in Ballasalla and now lives in Peel.

NEW: The Hammer of Thor. The impact of the 1st World War (1914-1918) on the people of the Isle of Man.

Order Hammer of ThorIn August 1914, thousands of men and women in the Isle of Man lined the streets to cheer with patriotic fervour as their menfolk marched off to war. Four years later thousands were again on the streets, but this time in anger against their own elected representatives.

The Isle of Man times claimed "A Soviet has ruled in Douglas", What happened during those four years to casue such a dramatic headline?. More...
Order Wave to Your DaddyPat Skillicorn's first book, Wave to your Daddy, was published in 2006. It evokes a changing Isle of Man from the 19th to the 21st century as seen through experiences of one Manx family and received critical acclaim on its publication.

A combination of autobiography and family memoir, it provides a lyrical but unsentimental account of a universal childhood but with a specifically Manx identity.

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Order FoxglovesFoxgloves, her second book, is a collection of short stories also based around the Isle of Man.
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